Tricks to Make Your Torso Look Longer in a Bikini : Bikinis & Swimwear Trends

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  1. Greg W
    Greg W says:

    You mean these girls had a torso ? If you have a string top an low rise bottoms I think we can safely say no straight guy will care about your torso ! "Oh you're a midget wearing a Hello Kitty bikini, I didn't notice". lol

  2. D L
    D L says:

    everyone wants? are you kidding? most guys actually prefer short & shapely girls. the tall skinny catwalk twig models are selected by gays. an elongated torso is one of the things that turn me right off – i had a lover with a back problem, and my current gf's sister has the same problem, it really puts guys off, it affects the posture and usually comes with a loose & rowdy attitude. it's masculine and unattractive. don't try to act long backed unless you're a lesbian, then sure, be masculine!


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