How I went from THIN to THICK HAIR in 6 months – MY HAIR TRANSFORMATION

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  1. Denise Neilson
    Denise Neilson says:

    If your hair is naturally curly, you should try the curly girl method and embrace your natural hair. I did this a year ago and my hair is soooo much healthier now!I have received so many compliments once I started to do my hair curly and no one ever commented when I straightened it

  2. aubrey fogle
    aubrey fogle says:

    Thank you so much for the video!!! I have Celiac Disease and am really struggling with my hair! Would you be able to share about how many grams of fat you are shooting for (I know everyone is different and requires different ratios!), but I would love to know your fat macro goals!!! Thanks, Katie!

  3. Katy Godfrey
    Katy Godfrey says:

    This could not have come at a better time for me 😫 I honestly don’t have money to spare on things that aren’t going to work or benefit me and I was literally about to check out for some expensive shampoo and more biotin but now I don’t need to 🙌 I took biotin for 3 months and didn’t notice a difference either!

  4. Elena Taylor
    Elena Taylor says:

    I’m soooo happy for you. ♥️ . I am going through something similar right now. I wore clip in extensions for years! Every time I’d get ready I’d put them in… after like 8 years, this is the first time for a month straight that I haven’t worn extensions! And my hair is sooo thin and fragile and i have to wear it in a tiny little bun because I am not confident enough to wear my hair down since it’s short and extremely thin like the picture you showed. I’ve really been struggling and I didn’t know what to do. I am going to order those supplements and try them out. I hope they work for me. Regardless, I am so happy for you because girl, I 1000 % understand what it is like, to have super short thin hair !

  5. Kyla Natomagan
    Kyla Natomagan says:

    You are beautiful! Before and after the results. Thanks for the silly photo of you in Thailand – definitely brought a smile to me while I was watching the beginning. . Man I can’t even bare to imagine how worried or anxious you must have been feeling through out this whole process, having a lot of patience to try these products and waiting for the results. You are an amazing woman inside and out Katie! ✨❤️ I can feel your confidence radiate. You are helping other women who are dealing with the same problem. Thank you for sharing and I enjoy watching your videos 💕💕

  6. Sammie Leigh
    Sammie Leigh says:

    I started using different shampoo in June. My hair has NEVER been healthier! It also improved my scalp health which helps me go longer without washing. (I was washing EVERYDAY sometimes TWICE a day)

  7. Rosie166
    Rosie166 says:

    Embarrassing question, but do these supplements effect body hair too? I could do with a supplement like this, but I'm afraid it will also make hair in other places grow fast too.

  8. Isabel Ontiveros
    Isabel Ontiveros says:

    That’s AMAZING!! you should also add oils to your hair care. I started using Tropic Isle Black Castor Oil and Red pimento hair growth oil. They have worked wonders but I’m definitely going to add in this supplement. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Sarah Hogan
    Sarah Hogan says:

    You always look amazing! I have been following you for a few years on insta and intermittently here, and I never noticed your "thin hair". I knew you had extensions but couldn't tell your hair was thinning. =) Thanks for sharing. I am going to check out Nutrafol because I take hair sups now. What lipstick is that, I might want that too! =D


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