Hot Bikini Waxing Girls!

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  1. zemurph
    zemurph says:

    @kittens8625 Feminist bullshit. Women do not HAVE to do this, no one marched them into this parlour. My partner razors hers, basically same effectm these women felt they wanted to go this step further and did it. Fair play to them, others do not and fair play to them too. Their choice! However men dont seem to have a choice when it comes to the pain inflicted upon our wallet! Yeh I said it! 😛

  2. steve smith
    steve smith says:

    they were gonna do more dudes but after they did the one guy in the video, his dick was still attatched to the wax strip after they ripped it off. the rest of the guys cancled their appointments.

  3. mhks68
    mhks68 says:

    for a man are you serious? Women are so superficial….fake nails fake boobs colored contacts heels weaves botox waaaaaaay to much make up.If you wanna look like that its not for a mans attention its your vanity…..cause even the ugly fat girl in school has been laid. Save time and effort and just get him drunk you will be much prettier in his eyes!!

  4. PiNkLoLiPoPs
    PiNkLoLiPoPs says:

    I googled this vid to see what it would feel like to get one of these waxes, and to see if their reactions would either reveal sheer terror or relief in an it's-not-so-bad kinda way! But after reading some of the comments, I wonder how many sick fucks out there viewed this in hopes of getting off on it? It's bad enough that society requires women to endure this kind of pain for the sake of beauty, but now we have assholes who take pleasure in the sight of our pain? WTF


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