Cutting Water During Peak Week, Carb Cycling vs Refeeds | Q&A | Bikini Prep (Ep 34)

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  1. Keziah Loewen
    Keziah Loewen says:

    thanks for this! someone else's coach tried to tell me that carb cycling was damaging to your hormones because you're confusing your body with different fluctuations in carbs/insulin, etc everyday. and my thoughts were the same as yours… thought if would just be the same effect as more frequent refeeds

  2. S Major
    S Major says:

    Thank you so much for noticing my question! No ones taken the time and thought to give me a straight answer until now…. you give me reinforcement to get back on weights after so many months of being scared as a result of my first injury. youre the best, Krysten!


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