Bikini Golf – It's A Skins Game $$$ (part 3)

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  1. diliviof
    diliviof says:

    I read the golf swing secrets “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) immediately after I acquired it and the next day I was at the golf field testing out the driving strategies for longer range. I was immediately taking correct divots with my irons, appropriately after solid impact. I was striking about ten to fifteen yards farther with my irons than I was used to. Get your own today! .

  2. alan carlyon
    alan carlyon says:

    A big thing going on around this world just now in woman wanting equal rights and respect, why not, I agree, so why do they want to be wearing bikini's on a golf course, we men don't play in swimwear, I don't get their drift in them agreeing to play golf in swimwear and degrading themselves! Any man watching this and throws a wolf whistle, he will be the one who is doing wrong
    Come on girls, you want respect when it suits you, cover up or shut up!


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