5 Tips to Becoming a WINNING & SUCCESSFUL Bikini Competitor !

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  1. Hope Anderson
    Hope Anderson says:

    Can you do a video in regards to the best supplements to take for competition prep? If you've already made a video, can you provide me with the link? Your videos are sooooooooooo helpful. Love it, thank you!!

  2. Arian Saeedi
    Arian Saeedi says:

    Lissette you look gorgeous and amazing. I really appreciate for sharing all these very valuable information with everyone, and obviously it's all honestly and true. But I have a question . I'm preparing for bikini contest. Do you think I must to use growth hormone or any steroid ? I mean is that something such a requirement of this contests? Cuz I see almost every one around me use them then compete. I'll appreciate if you explain me in a short comment . Thank you so much .

  3. NoAngelPain
    NoAngelPain says:

    Any advice on how to get the judges emails, let alone their names? I haven't competed since Dec 2012 but I really like the advice of talking to a judge, however the show I did then was HUGE and there was no way I would have been able to talk to one.

  4. day by day K
    day by day K says:

    hi ! I have competed before however I feel like I still need some help I went vegan two years ago and I'm still struggling with losing weight. do you also have vegan diets for contest prep?

  5. Angelica Armenta
    Angelica Armenta says:

    You are such and inspiration and my role model. Every time I get discouraged, I just play one of your vids and it instantly put me in a great mood. Thank you for ALL your effort and time that goes into these videos. And thank you for being such a true inspiration ❤️

  6. Eve H
    Eve H says:

    Hi Lisette, thank you for sharing all your knowledge. I love everythig you talk about. Im soon to be 45 years old and recently decided that I would love to do a bikini contest before my 50th! I have a question. Were you in shape before you dedicated yourself to working out and competing? Also, are there women in the bikini category that have cellulite? The reason Im asking is because Im trying to figure out if I would be wasting my time to train for the bikini catagory. I am NOT in shape at the moment and I have alot of cellulite on my legs. In your experience and exposure to other women like me, is it possible for someone like to to transform my body and rid of all the cellulite so I can compete? I heard there is no cure for cellulite regardless of how much one diets or excercise. Im sure this question speaks to many women out there who would like to compete but scared to because of the fat. So many woman suffer from cellulite and don't even think about training to compete because they feel its a loss case. What is your professional opinion on this?
    last question, do women over 40 need to diet and train differently than you? I know your not over 40 and wondering if your plan would work for older women?
    Thank you

  7. Anna Ramos
    Anna Ramos says:

    Thank you for all of your advice.. I'm new to all of this. I have a coach who is also my nutritionist who designed a program for me. She is also a competitor and taught posing camps here in Chicago. I'm excited about competing hopefully next year. I want to make sure that I have the best package before I step up on the stage. Pls continue to do posing videos and what the judges are expecting to see for the WBFF show.

  8. kala hamel
    kala hamel says:

    Hi lisette I've been watching some npc shows on YouTube and I'm noticing this very tacky "pose down" . I have a show picked for dec. 3rd in ft LAUDERDALE , the winter cup and when I watched it online it just felt very tacky and like it was just for some hot girls to shake their butts on stage

  9. Tania Villanueva
    Tania Villanueva says:

    Lisette! Thank you for this video! I'm planning on my first competition this summer and i appreciate you taking the time to make a video like this to help me achieve my best body!! Your tips are amazing and I will be watching it over and over! <3

  10. arispinari
    arispinari says:

    Thanks Lisette! BTW You are so beautiful!!! Us ladies really appreciate all the time you put into making these videos for us. They have been so informative and motivating throughout my prep thus far! I would like know if you have to be politically involved with a team to go pro? I know this goes into the negative side of things but does it truly matter?

  11. Alexis Zinkovitch-Helu
    Alexis Zinkovitch-Helu says:

    Thank you for this video !!!! I've been looking for something like this my entire prep !!! I'm 9 days out and I wish I would've seen a video like this earlier !!! But I really like what you said about talking to the judges after, my coach never even mentioned that to me and I'll defiantly be doing that after the night show !!!


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